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Sn Powder
Pb Powder

Hangzhou Yitong New Material Co., LTD (formerly Jiande Yitong Metal Powder Co.,Ltd), estabilshed in 2000, is located at the bank of the beautiful Thousand Islet Lake, adjacent to the Jinqian railway line, Hangjinqu, Hangxinjing expressway line, Hanghuang high-speed railway, in front of the 330 national highway line, the traffic is very convenient. The company produces the water atomized iron powder, alloy steel powder, free cutting steel powder, stainless steel powder, sintered hardening powder, diamond matrix powder, magnetic series powder, ultrafine iron powder, welding materials and smelting additives and other iron based powder products. At present, the annual production capacity is 80,000 tons, the existing plant covers an area of 242 mu, and the production capacity of various metal powders will reach 220,000 tons. Products are widely used in automobile, motorcycle, household appliances, electric tools, construction machinery, instrumentation and other fields,the products are sold at home and abroad all over the world.

The company is a high-tech enterprise, which is one of the leading enterprises with independent intellectual property rights to produce water atomized iron base powder.The company is equipped with advanced inspection equipment at home and abroad, and has a first-class testing and resea rch and development platform of the same trade in China -- provincial research and development center of water atomized metal powder high-tech enterprise. The company has a research team with rich industry experience and strong product research and development ability. Continuous innovation of corporate culture, the pursuit of excellence we will look around the world, to ensure that with high quality, more cost-effective iron powder, constantly meet the needs of the powder metallurgy industry changing day by day, and the industry colleagues sincere cooperation for a better future!

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